Five Free and Unlimited Storage Email Programs

It is not new anymore that people have been using free email services yet there are some who are not aware and still using the paid service. Even though you can say that using paid service on email have many benefits such as you can customize your email address where you can use your domain name with it. But when it comes to services, you can say that there are free email providers that could be compared to the paid ones. Here in this article is some of them:

  1. Gmail. Is one of Google’s products that offers email and chat applications. To know more about Gmail, you can visit the A very user-friendly interface where users can easily find exactly what they want to find without so effort. You can go to gmail sign in page through any computer and mobile device as long as connected to the internet.
  2. AIM Mail. A free web-based email application that also offers online unlimited storage and very good when it comes to protecting your account from spams and viruses. The only not so good side is that they lack organization tool.
  3. Hotmail. A free, unlimited storage, fast and very solid security email service that you can also email through the desktop application. When it comes to organization tools, this service has lots of helpful shortcut and good automation.
  4. Yahoo Mail. One of the best email programs on the web and also on any mobile applications with unlimited online storage, SMS texting applications, connecting to social networking sites and instant messaging on the email application.
  5. GMX Mail. One of the reliable email services which is good in filtering SPAM and viruses containing on emails that you receive. Also offer unlimited storage space and a rich web interface for users.

You can pick above what free service you want to replace your paid email program.

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