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Sears Online Employee Management System

As an employee of a company, you will be provided of benefits and you have the right to apply on any of it. The Sears Holding Corporations had created an online system that contains employment details of all the employees they have. Employees can avail the benefits online and other services that the company offers like any other companies. As a valid employee of the company, you need to enrol at the sears employee website to access the information you wanted and apply on the benefits that will be extended to your family and domestic partner. The is easy to use and very useful automatic Human Resources system.

What are the benefits you can get from the website?

There are many benefits you can find with detailed information on each one on the sears employee website. With the information you can select among these benefits. The benefits you can find on the website are health, dental plan, financial, disability options, pension and retirement plan, company paid insurance plan, pay checks, prescription plan, Discount Policy and the voluntary benefits.

Other Services on the System

  • Handbook. You can also read the handbook of the company which you can download in PDF form.
  • W-2 Form. You can fill out this form online. This is for your retirement or pension plan.
  • Personal Updates. You can also update your personal information online such as contact information or address in case you changed.
  • Online Resources and Trainings. If you are a fresh employee in the company, you can find proper training tools in the website. The materials can be use both online and offline.
  • Online Assistance. As a part of the company, you can get online assistance in case you have some questions regarding your status in the company or about the benefits to avail.

Sears employee can use and avail the benefits and services the website offer as long as they are qualified.