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Steps in Using Securitas Paperless Pay TALX?

If you want your payroll to be faster, easy and less hassle, why not use Securitas paperless pay TALX? You don’t need any more to plan weeks for your payroll and print stubs for your employees. Just ask them to sign up in this software and everything is well taken care. For first timer using the system, you can read the following below:image2

To start with, you’ll need the following items:

  • You also would need a computer with an online access. The computer will be connected to the intranet of the firm. The computer at your job can do the job.
  • When you are among the many payroll officers with the company, you may have the access to the details of staff.
  • In the event you are a standard worker, you can actually upgrade your info together with the TALX paperless pay system. You have to be in the payroll of your boss. For those who are just a temporary, you might not be fit to utilize the web system.

The second is how to use the system:

  • Surf to the company’s TALX sub site along with the intranet or at login link.
  • Simply key in your personal worker user ID and password.
  • While you are in the page, search out the Main Menu tab. There you have to find the pay Stub Review in the sub-menu. You will see in this page previous up to present payslips you have in the firm.
  • In the event you prefer to get changes in your amount payable or perhaps the deposit accounts, you will need to opt for the Direct Deposit Maintenance on the Main Menu.
  • You will find also a sub-menu for W-4 Upgrade. All employees have their own access with this page. This is often to help them to provide the name, address and the personal information for the tax information.
  • Should you choose to view the reports regarding your reports, commissions, labor of work as well as other more, you could look at the eReports located also at the Main Menu.