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How to Apply for FAFSA?

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the first requirement which is also called FAFSA to get funds for your college tuition. It is the form that will determine what kind of Federal student aid you will have based on the information you provided on the form, especially the family finance and income. If you have decided what school you want to go, you can now start filling out free FAFSA and determine the type of federal aid available for you. There are three types of federal aid which includes work-study, grants and loans. But it is important if you are not familiar with the process, to learn first the steps before you start applying.

  1. The first thing you must do is process and complete your income tax or your parents before you start filling out the FAFA.
  2. After that, you can now complete FAFSA. It is better if you can do it online. If you cannot do online, there are hard copies you can get from your school.
  3. When you have completed your FAFSA online, make sure you obtain the PIN. It indicates as a signature for your FAFSA online.
  4. You need information together with the FAFSA such as W-2 forms and other money record related, income tax return, business and farm records, driver’s license and SSS card, bank statements, date of birth and record of investment.
  5. Answer the questions as much as possible.
  6. You can list down 10 college schools you wanted to go.
  7. Never forget to put the PIN when you signed up online.
  8. In a few weeks your Student Aid Report will arrive after submission of your FAFSA.
  9. You can now review the financial aid letter from the different colleges you wanted to go. It’s a list of financial aid fit for the college you wanted to go.

These are the simple steps on how you apply for your FAFSA. Paying for college now has a solution.

What Future You Have with Student Loan?

Going to college is really expensive. That is why some high school graduates cannot proceed in this level. The parents might not have the capacity to send their children to college because not only tuition fees are expensive but as well as the books and other school expenses involved. A student can find many financial aids for support. There are grants and scholarships given to qualified students. But what if they are not qualified? Where would they find support? That is why student loan is also an option. If you seek more answers, click on this blogpost. Although student loan can be a good option, one must weigh and understand what this commitment is all about. This is because borrowing money needs a serious commitment and understanding of the situation.

What are the advantages of having student loan?

Having a solid background in education can put you into a solid career. Your future will depend on the education level you had. That is why finishing college will secure your future of finding a better job. Student loan such as the Wells Fargo student loans for college can be the best option.

  1. Applying student loan is easy and has flexible terms and conditions especially made for students.
  2. Lenders give lower interest rates and fees.
  3. Student can pay the loan after finding a job.
  4. Payment method can be in longer period.
  5. Spare you a little from paying income tax.

What are the disadvantages of applying student loan?

There are students who do not understand the risks of having debts from the bank. This is because they do not fully understand that this is a serious commitment.

  1. Lenders might not provide the right need of the student.
  2. Students do not know how to negotiate for more flexible terms.
  3. There are risks involve that students do not understand.

The above advantages and disadvantages are important for student to see if applying student loan can be the best financial aid for them.

University of Phoenix: Traditional Versus Online

As of this moment, it is not a new anymore that everything is done through online.  Taking up online classes in University of Phoenix is mostly what professionals who wanted to earn another degree do. But we cannot really help asking what is best, online or the traditional way?

  • The best thing about attending online course in phoenix campus will be the convenience. You are not compelled of your daily schedule. You could go ahead and take night or day shift, is determined by your presence. You are not also required to give the research. When you’re finish, it is possible to pass it at any time for the day. As long as that you are proactive every day within the training.
  • The advantage of standard teaching according to one of University of phoenix review is you have the chance to stand in front with the class and improve your communication ability from the weekly PowerPoint visualization of one’s understanding. You will not be pressured to express out the understanding of the team on that overall week.
  • You will have to concentration in learning the program. As soon as you become undisciplined you will not successfully pass the program and at last be unsuccessful. You really are merely to demand 30 minutes or maybe more to participate in the class and perform a little research.
  • The sessions in traditional way carry out rigorous and demanding daily schedule. You have to be in your course in between the 6PM to 10PM plans. When you’ve got an occupation that allows you to remain late, you may eventually skip the teachings. When you are sick, you are going to skip a week of training lessons. It needs convenience with your availability to get in the course and show up at the lessons.

Above are the comparison and contrast for taking up Online program degree or still going for the traditional way of teaching.